Organic Natural

The Green Living Show 2017

ASB Showgrounds,

New Zealand Consumer & Trade Show

NZ Organic and Natural at The Green Living Show showcases the best in organic, natural, sustainable and fair trade products.  Come along and see what we have on Show and experience our artisan section with fine food and great wine in the Organic Natural Boulevard.

Eating Organic isn’t a trend. It’s a return to tradition.

Going organic is good for all of us. It is healthy, no nasty additives, no pesticides, no GM, has high standards as organic food comes from trusted sources.  All organic farms and food companies are inspected at least once a year and are certified. Organic farming is better for wildlife and produces less carbon dioxide – the main global warming gas.

NZ Organic and Natural

NZ Organic and Natural

To be certified organic, producers must document a full management plan and record all inputs used in their production. Producers are audited annually to verify that they comply with high organic standards. This gives them the right to use the certified trade mark which you can trust all round the world. Most importantly organic….. It is top for taste!

The Organic and Natura