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The Green Living Show 2017

ASB Showgrounds,

New Zealand’s Consumer & Trade Show, a sustainability event, the Green Living Show 2017 is now in its 7th year.

Consumer & Trade Show

The Green Living Show was launched in 2011 – the first of its kind in New Zealand.
The Green Living Show is the premier sustainability event of The Green Living Network, founded by Tina Raines.

In its 7th year now, the event is New Zealands’s national show dedicated to sustainability and compliments the efforts of The Green Living Magazine, a free subscription for businesses and consumers. The digital magazine encourages more people to live green and be healthy, supports businesses to be sustainable with practical articles and access to solutions and connects conscious consumers to conscious suppliers of products and services.

The Green Living Network was founded in 2009.

The event has gone from strength to strength since its inauguration, driven by a professional team who are passionate, dedicated, who want the very best for their sponsors, exhibitors, visitors and New Zealand.

The team strives to make the Green Living Show professional, interactive and forward thinking, adding different dimensions year on year to ensure it stays this way and remains the leading sustainability event in New Zealand. Every year there is something new  added to the show to keep it fresh, interesting and exciting for the visitors. We offer professional non-stop seminars and some food demos.

The Green Living Network’s mission is to promote Green Growth in New Zealand and support the organisations working sustainably.

The Green Living Network evaluates exhibitors and sponsors based on their commitment to sustainability and their aims/plans through a ‘Green Screen’ Process. This process ensures that The Green Living Show maintains a consistent environmental ethos, in line with The Green Living Approach and Values, which support more green choices in the market place and a clean, green New Zealand.