Profile for Green Living Weekend

sharleen2I found myself at a crossroads, uncertain which road was right for me? I found myself in this midlife place: My children were leaving home and I started thinking what road did wanted to travel next.

I had always worked in wellness, so to boost my confidence and to upskill, I trained as a Life Coach with Momentum. I loved the training in so many ways.

  • My brain was thirsty for new learnings.
  • I was ready to meet new people.
  • I wanted to boost my personal growth.
  • Momentum offered a personal training.
  • Midlife CourageThe training opened many opportunities. I went on to become a Momentum trainer and supervisor and I opened a new business, Midlife Courage.
  • Life Coaching at Momentum was the catalyst for my exploration.

After discarding my old, comfy slippers, I stepped into many new shoes. I now often wear new high heel, black leather boots that originally felt unbalanced and at times felt like I was going ‘commando’ but I arrived!

I now work with women that are at a crossroads. I offer one on one life coaching, design programmes and workshops. My biggest passion is working with women in a luxury retreat environment.

I help women like us discover our new handbag of tools, a sassy outfit and shoes that we can step into to discover a journey that has us skipping towards our dreams. The world is our playground and believe me we have earned this. It is our time!