Be Fit Auckland – Healthy Lifestyle at The Green Living Show 2016

Be Fit AucklandThe world is changing for women. Fit is becoming the new skinny and the focus is on achievable goals, a strong body and mind, and a healthy body. However, in a world that is fast-paced and time-constrained, solutions need to be accessible and realistic. It focuses on the functional and empowering solutions to wellness for women that will inspire and encourage profound change in the ways we eat, move and think, and how we become smarter, leaner and stronger.

Be Fit is the only expo for women in NZ that focuses on a holistic journey to wellness. “Women are seeking these solutions for themselves and their families” explains Tina Raines. “We have listened to the women visiting our Show and what they want, and it’s the foods and exercise that will nourish them in a way that is sustainable. This is good for women and good for our environment. Sustainably fit individuals contribute to the overall health of our planet more because they are more aware of their actions and mindfully work to lower their carbon footprints.”

“Superfoods are a good option for women because they are packed full of mega benefits”

Tina has run the Green Living Show for 6 years. Be Fit has been crafted in response to a new trend of women visiting the show. “They are seeking paleo, wholefood and refined sugar-free options; superfoods free from chemicals and additives and new ways to get healthier. They love the farmer’s market feel of our show with locally and seasonally sourced products, but they wanted more in terms of vegan and raw options, foods that are beyond gluten-free and options for exercise that are exciting, dynamic and easy to both commit to (because they are fun) and fit into a modern woman’s lifestyle.

Superfoods have a special focus in our Show, under our Nourish Category. The Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) revealed that, between 2011 and 2015, there was a phenomenal 202% increase globally in the number of new food and drink products launched containing the terms superfood, superfruit or supergrain. The surge in launch activity comes as a result of strong consumer demand for highly nutritious products.

“Be Fit will change the way women look at fitness”

Tina continues, “We have seen this demand first-hand. A few years ago it was just about organic food. Now consumers want gluten-free and dairy-free foods, they want transparency of production processes and ingredients, and they are rejecting processed foods and high sugar. This is actually great for the small companies focused on health and naturalness that use the Green Living Show as a marketing platform”.

Superfoods have taken a giant leap in popularity. Every month or so, there seems to be another superfood product to choose from, and consumers are flocking to buy them, especially when these nutrient dense wholefoods rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients needed for optimal health and well-being are packaged into supplement form.

“it is vital that the corners we cut are not in our diet or our self-care”

Superfoods are a good option for women because they are packed full of mega benefits – from bone building and energy boosting to fat busting and disease fighting – and you can add them to anything.

As well as food, holistic fitness is a focus for Be Fit. This means spiritual, financial, emotional, physical and mental health solutions and a whole raft of ways to eat well and get active under our category Transform, including a fun “Fitcamp”, sponsored by Fitwear, with pop-up classes that visitors can register for in advance.

In a world that is fast-paced, monopolised by screens and influenced by unrealistic “fitspiration” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there is a lot of pressure on women to be perfect. As if this wasn’t stressful enough, factors relating to jobs, money, poor health, insecurities, anxiety, unexpected circumstances, kids, relationships, and many more knock out a woman’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance, leading to preventable diseases and unhappiness. Or “yo yo” weight loss and short term fitness gains.

“consumers want gluten-free and dairy-free foods, they want transparency of production processes and ingredients”

Be Fit brings together the products, services and people that support the real behaviour changes for the long-term that bring about profound change. Our other inspiring categories are Enlighten and Revolution, where you will find Sustainable Yoga, Essential Oils and other breakthrough high quality, therapeutic, organic solutions. Be Fit will change the way women look at fitness and when this happens, change will rise naturally out of women.

As women are pressed by the demands of family life, career and simply the expectations they place on themselves, it is easy to cut corners when it comes to health. However, with 80 percent of our immunity originating in our guts and a significant connection between the health of our bodies and the health of our minds, it is vital that the corners we cut are not in our diet or our self-care unless it’s a tasty corner of a goji berry cheesecake made with a sugar-free nut base and cashew cream. Our physical and mental performance are relying on the foods, activities and the lifestyle we choose to nourish ourselves, so that we can continue to be Superwomen.

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