10 seminars that will change your life!

Does your wellbeing need a tune up? Then make time for it at the Green Living Show at the ASB Showgrounds this weekend. Here are my 10 recommended seminars to balance, nurture and nourish your mind and body, and improve the health of your home and finances!



Join Vivienne Kelly, our Transform Sponsor of Be Fit and Keynote Speaker, from Momentum Life Coaching and Training. As she leads an interactive session to help you discover your passion and purpose.

Coaching is a tool used by growing numbers of individuals and businesses to bring out the BEST in a person or situation, even when the going is good. Click here to experience coaching and have a go at being a coach in this interactive, hour-long session. Vivienne’s team will also be giving free coaching sessions from her booth! Check them out at booth 322


The health and energy saving benefits of SkyVentTM technology and VentaliteTM technology are huge! Let Dr Shane West will take you through how these low cost, low impact natural ventilation systems, which are capable of lowering relative humidity inside NZ housing, combine ventilation with the benefits of natural daylighting to create a Healthy House Environment.   Click to register here.


Jason Shon Bennett, co- founder of The Exceptional Health Company

Jason Shon Bennett

Jason Shon Bennett, co- founder of The Exceptional Health Company, is a health researcher and best-selling author of “Eat Less, Live Long” and “My 20 Golden Rules”. Inspired by the blue-zone Centenarians around the world, he is passionate about helping people transform their health, vitality and longevity by making simple changes to their diet, lifestyle and environment. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Jason share with you the key things you can do NOW to make the biggest difference to your health, energy and wellbeing. Register for this seminar now.


Lacking energy? Finding it difficult to lose weight? Feeling bad? Dr. Sam Shay is a holistic acupuncturist, chiropractor, and functional neurologist who has studied whole foods nutrition for over 15 years.   His “10 Pillar” of Health” program” may be your answer to these problems. Learn about how he uniquely identifies the specific health needs of his clients, allowing for tailor-made plans to restore function and health that leaves you feeling great, so you can live a vibrant, fulfilling life each day.



Dr. Sam Shay is back in this Sunday Seminar aimed at freeing those caught in the cycles of food cravings and the ‘eat to cope’ cycle, so that you effortlessly make wise food choices. Click to register for both of Sam’s Seminars here.


Rainwater harvesting has been a passion of Laurie Dee’s for nearly 25 years. He has won several national and international awards for inventing and developing more effective rainwater harvesting systems. He finds it hard to understand why Aucklanders should choose to pay Watercare for the water they use to irrigate their lawns and gardens when they could be utilising the free rainwater that comes off the roof. Want to learn how and save $$$ as well as the environment? Click here.


Seize the Moment with John Coombs, Director and Wellbeing Expert at Global Health, a new frontier Wellbeing group. New science shows your wellbeing is mainly in your own hands. Lifestyle changes for the better rapidly affect your trillions of cells and this can lead to major improvements in your wellbeing with simple methods. Learn simple and effective skills to enhance both your biology and your psychology and how to master the environment you co-create every day here!


What Power Crisis

Maximising the benefits of solar power

Henry Cassin is Pacific Business Development Manager of What Power Crisis. With the low tariffs from the electricity retailers, the demand for new innovated ways of maximizing your self-consumption has arrived. Find out what the latest products now available and future proofing for self-sustainability. Register for this seminar now.


Did you know your digestive system is just as complex as your brain? Most people suffer from poor digestion and think their symptoms are normal. Have you ever suffered from excessive gas, constipation, diarrhoea, burping, acidity, vomiting, indigestion, bloating or pain and just put up with it, because you thought that this is just what happens? Eventually these symptoms can transform into more serious issues such as IBS, Colitis, Crohns and even Cancer! Let Shukul Kachwalla, Health & Nutrition Expert, High Carb Health de-mystify some of the misconceptions that exist around digestion and learn basic concepts and practical ideas that you can apply to achieve optimal digestion. Click to register for this Seminar here.


Never before have we led such busy, stressful, overscheduled lives. Would you like to know how it IS possible to get everything done whilst remaining calm, relaxed and in control, and that by living life in a more harmonious way, you can actually be even more productive than when you are stressed? Join stress and anxiety specialist Kim Knight as she shares her 5 top strategies for stress reduction for bringing immediate clarity, calm and relaxation to mind, body and soul. Click here now to register!

And one for good luck…

OR NOT GOOD LUCK? KELLY SAMSON, NLP instructor & Life/Business Coach explains in her seminar: NLP – HARNESSING YOUR MIND FOR YOUR OPTIMUM HEALTH & HAPPINESS that enjoying happiness and health is not just luck of the draw! You can create your own health and happiness to feel more enjoyment, vitality and fulfillment in life. Often beliefs are the product of our upbringing and experience and they can be limiting. In this informative and entertaining presentation Kelly discusses harnessing your mind to achieve your optimum health & happiness and you’ll find out why ‘it’s not just the way I’m wired’ to bust through limiting beliefs. Learn key steps in harnessing your mind to enjoy more health & happiness resonating in all areas of your life here!

Green Living Show Seminar Listing

For the FULL Seminar listing and schedule of Pop-Up Fitness Classes in our FitCamp, click here. All Seminars and Pop-Up Classes are FREE with your entry ticket!   Get your Earlybird Ticket from Eventfinda now. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Be Fit Auckland – Healthy Lifestyle at The Green Living Show 2016

Be Fit AucklandThe world is changing for women. Fit is becoming the new skinny and the focus is on achievable goals, a strong body and mind, and a healthy body. However, in a world that is fast-paced and time-constrained, solutions need to be accessible and realistic. It focuses on the functional and empowering solutions to wellness for women that will inspire and encourage profound change in the ways we eat, move and think, and how we become smarter, leaner and stronger.

Be Fit is the only expo for women in NZ that focuses on a holistic journey to wellness. “Women are seeking these solutions for themselves and their families” explains Tina Raines. “We have listened to the women visiting our Show and what they want, and it’s the foods and exercise that will nourish them in a way that is sustainable. This is good for women and good for our environment. Sustainably fit individuals contribute to the overall health of our planet more because they are more aware of their actions and mindfully work to lower their carbon footprints.”

“Superfoods are a good option for women because they are packed full of mega benefits”

Tina has run the Green Living Show for 6 years. Be Fit has been crafted in response to a new trend of women visiting the show. “They are seeking paleo, wholefood and refined sugar-free options; superfoods free from chemicals and additives and new ways to get healthier. They love the farmer’s market feel of our show with locally and seasonally sourced products, but they wanted more in terms of vegan and raw options, foods that are beyond gluten-free and options for exercise that are exciting, dynamic and easy to both commit to (because they are fun) and fit into a modern woman’s lifestyle.

Superfoods have a special focus in our Show, under our Nourish Category. The Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) revealed that, between 2011 and 2015, there was a phenomenal 202% increase globally in the number of new food and drink products launched containing the terms superfood, superfruit or supergrain. The surge in launch activity comes as a result of strong consumer demand for highly nutritious products.

“Be Fit will change the way women look at fitness”

Tina continues, “We have seen this demand first-hand. A few years ago it was just about organic food. Now consumers want gluten-free and dairy-free foods, they want transparency of production processes and ingredients, and they are rejecting processed foods and high sugar. This is actually great for the small companies focused on health and naturalness that use the Green Living Show as a marketing platform”.

Superfoods have taken a giant leap in popularity. Every month or so, there seems to be another superfood product to choose from, and consumers are flocking to buy them, especially when these nutrient dense wholefoods rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients needed for optimal health and well-being are packaged into supplement form.

“it is vital that the corners we cut are not in our diet or our self-care”

Superfoods are a good option for women because they are packed full of mega benefits – from bone building and energy boosting to fat busting and disease fighting – and you can add them to anything.

As well as food, holistic fitness is a focus for Be Fit. This means spiritual, financial, emotional, physical and mental health solutions and a whole raft of ways to eat well and get active under our category Transform, including a fun “Fitcamp”, sponsored by Fitwear, with pop-up classes that visitors can register for in advance.

In a world that is fast-paced, monopolised by screens and influenced by unrealistic “fitspiration” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there is a lot of pressure on women to be perfect. As if this wasn’t stressful enough, factors relating to jobs, money, poor health, insecurities, anxiety, unexpected circumstances, kids, relationships, and many more knock out a woman’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance, leading to preventable diseases and unhappiness. Or “yo yo” weight loss and short term fitness gains.

“consumers want gluten-free and dairy-free foods, they want transparency of production processes and ingredients”

Be Fit brings together the products, services and people that support the real behaviour changes for the long-term that bring about profound change. Our other inspiring categories are Enlighten and Revolution, where you will find Sustainable Yoga, Essential Oils and other breakthrough high quality, therapeutic, organic solutions. Be Fit will change the way women look at fitness and when this happens, change will rise naturally out of women.

As women are pressed by the demands of family life, career and simply the expectations they place on themselves, it is easy to cut corners when it comes to health. However, with 80 percent of our immunity originating in our guts and a significant connection between the health of our bodies and the health of our minds, it is vital that the corners we cut are not in our diet or our self-care unless it’s a tasty corner of a goji berry cheesecake made with a sugar-free nut base and cashew cream. Our physical and mental performance are relying on the foods, activities and the lifestyle we choose to nourish ourselves, so that we can continue to be Superwomen.

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Joyful Mothering, Identity and Self-Worth. What comes first?

Questions of motherhood are too often structured around deeply flawed arguments about what is “natural”.  That mothering should come completely naturally to a woman, that we should enjoy every single second of our mothering journey and always have that angelic smile on our face as we lift our beautiful children up to the sky with joy; like you see on television adverts.  A mother’s identity is being constructed through social culture and a “true-self” is being lost.  The impact this is having on the happiness of many new mothers is significant.  Rates of postnatal depression are rising and we are hearing more about other illnesses, like postnatal anxiety and postnatal stress disorders.

Motherhood is of course an evolving journey of a woman’s identity.  From a naively self-involved state of being able (on the most part) to do what you want to do when you want to do it to having to care for, think of, ensure the survival of another person (or people) when there are days when you are not sure which way is up because you are so tired and yet you still have to clean the dishes, vacuum the floor, walk the dog, work and represent a relatively sane and together presentation of a woman to your husband when he walks in the front door at teatime.

Then there is the penetrating, daunting question of “who will I become?”  And all of this amidst that social expectation of what a mother ought to be and ought to feel from the media; from trends like natural parenting, from the other mothers around you.  Much of this expectation radiates an unwavering vision of happiness – you are a mum, you have it all, you should be happy.

And yet, postnatal depression is the most common and serious disorder of the first year after childbirth. Rates are estimated at between 8 and 13% of women in New Zealand.  There is little information about prevalence rates of postnatal depression in Māori women, even though they appear to be at higher risk of postnatal depression than European women in New Zealand, so the true rate is undoubtedly higher.

The expectation of happiness is a burden.

The achievement of happiness is a key theme running through this year’s Green Living Show, scheduled for July 2 & 3 at the ASB Showgrounds, as our event showcases powerful seminars, activities and exhibitors that focus on supporting you to live rich and satisfying lives.

Jennifer Allen, founder of Jayayoga NZ, Senior Facilitator for Bliss Baby Yoga and Enlighten Sponsor of Be Fit Auckland at this year’s Show explains that a woman’s identity—as an individual, a woman, and a mother – is key to happiness.  “Motherhood calls upon us in the most divine of ways to cultivate stillness within ourselves in one of the most fluctuant times in our life.  A mother’s journey is constantly evolving, so we need tools to reconnect to our true selves and find the most still and quiet place within us.  It is here we will find the ability to be present in all other aspects of our life, as a wife, a mother, a co-worker, and a friend.”

Jennifer’s tool is of course Yoga and is scheduled to share her personal insight and extensive experience as a Yoga Teacher in her own unique Seminar at the Green Living Show 2016 called The ‘Mummy’ Movement – Reclaiming Your Identity After Children. 

Explore reconnection to yourself after the experience of birth and new motherhood with Jennifer at this valuable and personal presentation. Work with Jennifer to build an accessible ‘toolbox’ of practices (yoga, breath, mindfulness) to help you find the woman within that you recognise and love, and re-establish connection to your true self.

Jayayoga – A Cup of Daily Nourishment

“There is no feeling like the shared energetic space of a yoga class environment. But for the days when a class might take more from you than you have to give, or you just can’t fit it in, this simple practice will be all you need to refill your energetic bucket and re-enter your world ready to be
present in all aspects of your life, on and off your mat.”

I offer this practice to you in hopes that you will take a little bit of time every day to step out of your life and onto your mat with no expectations, just a willingness to be present.

Watch the magic happen as you shift from doing to being. And most importantly, let go of your yoga practice having to be another entity in your life that you do a certain way, and for a certain time. Rather, open yourself up to receptivity of the lightness, the divinity that awaits as you surrender into your own truth.

Jennifer Allen

Jayayoga - Savasana

Yes, this practice begins with savasana!

  1. Savasana
  2. Apanasana
  3. Suptha Pandanghustasana
  4. Balasana
  5. Bidalasana
  6. Adho Mukha Svanasana
  7. Uttanasana
  8. Malasana
  9. Restorative Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana
  10. Jathara Parivartanasana

Download the full practice for this yoga session (PDF).

For more info visit www.jayayoga.co.nz.

Safe, sustainable yoga for life.

Paris climate deal: nearly 200 nations sign in end of fossil fuel era

So a deal has been struck! A momentous occasion and the first time that so many companies have come together on something since the second world war. But what does it mean practically? And is it enough? What changes do you think we’ll see in New Zealand to meet this grand target?

Two decades of talks have come to this: an ambitious agreement to hold states to emissions targets – but already low-lying countries are worried.

Governments have signalled an end to the fossil fuel era, committing for the first time to a universal agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions and to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate change.

Read the full article at The Guardian.

What’s happening at The Green Living Show 2014

5th & 6th July 2014, ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland

A Consumer & Trade Show

The No.1 Green Show in new zealand!

Quality products & transparency brands. The show has grown and we have taken more space – bigger and better than ever!

whats-happening2014The Expo will have an array of products and services including organic, natural, sustainable, healthy products, insulation, solar panels, energy saving gadgets to save you $$ and hot water heat pumps.

Are you building a new home or renovating? Architects, building certifiers and eco advisors are ready to advise you. Certification companies will also be present to let you know why you should buy certified and sustainable products.

Five different electric cars will be on display and do take the opportunity to place an order for one. To learn more about electric cars, APEC – Association for the Promotion of Electric Cars will be exhibiting and presenting a seminar.

Our Sponsor, Remuera New World, will surprise you with what they will be showcasing, drop in at their huge row of booths and learn more, cooking demos at their booth, taste and try products, buy products and sample their new launch of delicious vegetarian pizza, and many more surprises, sign up and join to win prizes.

Some booths will be offering massages and organic make-up, new organic cosmetic companies will be launching at the show. There will chiropractors, Integrated Health Services, Naturopaths and Herbalists.

Feast on the Future of Food – Pop-up cafes, the best of food and beverages from raw food, Forever Young Juice to give you that lift, Vegan and Vegetarian, good food done the paleo way, organic sandwiches with the launch of the newest bread in town, organic burgers and sausages, organic paella, delicious Indian Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food, organic crepes and more and, explore the flavours of organic coffee and tea. Be ready for an adventure in sustainable and exotic foods that are finger licking good and heaps more. There will also be food for the kiddies.

Check our green market stalls in the Green Boulevard – Looking good!
Friday 4th July

B2B – only members and invited guests will be able to attend seminars & AGM.

There will be a private networking event – Celebration 2014 United Nations International Year of Family Farming.

Sustainability Drinks – only by invitation.

Saturday & Sunday 5th & 6th July 2014 10 – 5 pm

Open to the public and trade. Jot the dates down in your diary! Green Drinks Networking Event and fun on Saturday at 5.30pm open to all.

Who is NZ’s Organic Crusader? Who is NZ’s ecowoman?


Free seminars on sustainability, ecobuild, clean energy, organic, GMO talks, Paleo diet, raw food demos, business seminars which includes how to get better results for on-line businesses.

A best kept secret for free – A Mini Conference on Health Fitness & Wellness

How to recharge your body, from stress to success, create sustainable health for you and your family, a Hemaview demo, nutrition does not mean dieting! Nutrition means being nourished – wholefoods and excellent nutrition and a demo for making healthy food and more …… An intriguing time not to be missed as the experts will be speaking to you. Non-stop presentations and demos. A Healthier you – A Healthier Planet! Check the website for more seminar topics and demos closer to the show.

Book your free seminars, free conference and buy entry tickets to the show on the website closer to the show. Inform your friends, family and bring the children along as there will be things for them to do.

Be inspired and find out what else is happening at the Green Living Show.

Nutrition does not mean dieting!
Nutrition means being nourished.


A Hemaview Appointment at the Show

HemaviewHemaview is an observation of live blood under a specialised microscope based on the medical science of haematology.

Using just a pin prick of blood, Hemaview enables us to see the blood exactly as it behaves inside the body, giving a clear picture of your health at a cellular level.

Hemaview can assess for signs in the body such as inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, digestive, liver and gut issues, immune status and much more.

See you there on 5th & 6th July 2014.

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