The Green Living Show 2017

Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd July 2017, 10:00 to 5.00pm
ASB Showgrounds,

Consumer & Trade Show

Innovation at The Green Living Show is unique to a New Zealand show, supporting global green investment and showcasing and therefore supporting the solutions that will secure New Zealand’s place in the Green Race:

Clean Technology, the Goods and Services that will drive a prosperous green economy and the Future of Business in New Zealand that includes, Sustainable, Socially Responsible and Ethical Business Management Solutions, Social Enterprise, Responsible Investment, and Maori Business, Innovation and Strategy

Explore the fundamental product, process, service and technological shifts that are redefining business in New Zealand in the twenty-first century.

Browse exhibitors setting best practice and offering leading solutions to support your business to innovate into entirely new resilient ways of working, learn how to achieve long-term future-proofing by balancing business growth with the responsibility to do less harm, do more good and work towards zero negative impacts. See how responsible tourism, biodiversity services, ecolabelling and certification are realising business benefits through reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimising environmental impact.

Consumers are not forgotten. Considered drivers of the demand to reduce carbon, through their purchasing decision, The Green Living Show 2017 will empower consumer visitors to take different actions, buy from conscious businesses and support the organisations working hard to make a difference…..

Connect and network with future influential professionals and decision makers – Business Partners, Clients and Investors, Innovators, Sustainability Consultants, Project Managers, Business Managers, Students/ Educators & Researchers and Representatives from Councils.

Exhibit and engage businesses and consumers in a critical dialogue for New Zealand. Meet the needs of the industry and keep up-to-date with latest industry trends.

Source new products and services

Launch and introduce new products and services

Reach your target market!

Key Themes for 2016:

  • Cleantech
    • A Showcase of Cleantech innovation across New Zealand
  • Sustainable, Socially Responsible and Ethical Business Management Solutions and Sustainable Bootcamp
    • Browse the solutions available across New Zealand to support your business, large or small, to become environmentally and socially responsible.
    • Connect with consultants and organisations offering services, advice, programmes, training and robust tools in the areas of sustainability, CSR and ethical business.
    • Attend seminars, forums and workshops tailored to understanding the future of sustainable business.
  • Social Enterprise and Responsible Investment
    • Discover the organisations designing innovative responses to New Zealand’s social and environmental challenges. Social enterprise is a growing and exciting sector of interest in New Zealand and an advantage for New Zealand’s Green Growth.
    • Enjoy the solutions on display that mix social and environmental aims with a commercial orientation.
  • Maori Business, Innovation and Strategy
    • See how Mäori are progressively taking charge of their own destiny, playing an increasingly crucial part in New Zealand’s economy through education, employment and enterprise.

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